Different Licks For Different Chicks CDEP - Asteroid B-612

Label:Rambliní Records
Tracks:September Crush
So Long, Goodbye
19th Nervous Breakdown
Second Cousin
Mirror Blues (Second Solution)

Rating: 5/5

Since the release of Not Meant For This World, Asteroid B-612 have gone through a major line-up change, losing guitarist Stewart Cunningham and having vocalist Grant McIver replaced with Grahame Spittles. Mind you, it hasnít impeded the band one bit as evidenced by this mini-lp. Comprised of three originals and three covers, Different Licks For Different Chicks is just as impressive as anything the Asteroids have previously released.

The opening two tracks September Crush and So Long, Goodbye remind me of Back In The USA era MC5 and the Flaminí Groovies while Gasoline is a re-recording that sounds even better than the original while remaining just as heavy. Demonstrating their love for a good song, they also manage to toughen up the Stones 19th Nervous Breakdown and rock Ďní roll their way through the Flaminí Groovies Second Cousin. The Flaminí Groovies must undoubtably be a major influence to these guys. However, the highlight of the album is undeniably their cover of Died Prettyís classic Mirror Blues that segues into the Pere Ubuís Second Solution. Originally released on the Citadel Records tribute Storming The Citadel, it was amazingly recorded live-in-the-studio first take. This version retains all the power and intensity of the originally, propelled by an addictive bass line and swirling keyboards. There canít be too many bands around that can conjure up this much this power and intensity in the studio.

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